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Here are a few things to know as you get started.  We really want you to help us build this community here, so please do that by interacting! 

CHAT ROOM: Everywhere you see a"chat room" or  "forum" tab, you can start a discussion by clicking on the + sign at the top right of that area. You can add photos in your discussions, too! 
Please comment on others' posts, start new discussions (about anything!), and feel free to answer questions if you know the answer! 

WHERE IS THE SCRIPTURE WRITING? Click on "Scripture Writing" and it's published the first day of each month.

WHERE IS THE BIBLE STUDY?: Click on "Bible Study" and you'll find the link to all content available for members!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE: Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, and then click on "options" in a gray box on the right. You can update your profile settings there.  

HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT NOTIFICATIONS? :) You can go in your profile and update your email settings to your liking.  You can also follow a discussion. (Just click "follow" when you're in that discussion.) And I've set it so new content rises to the top, so it won't be hard to check and see what's new! 

The FAQ PAGE is full of helps and more info, so check that out as well!