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Please comment on others' posts, start new discussions (about anything!), and feel free to answer questions if you know the answer! 

PHOTOS: Each group has a photo area, and we'd love to build these up with some life! Look also for the + sign at the top right of the area once you've clicked on the Photos tab.  Your Scripture Writing notebook, coffee/Bible inspiration, cute kindergarten handwriting Scripture Writing, etc. Let's not fill it up with all the memes we find on Facebook, but use it to be encouraging and show some of our real life!  Some memes are okay, but let's try and keep them on topic, if that makes sense. 

FEATURED DISCUSSIONS: These will be helpful for you to find what needs to be easy to locate.  In this group, staff discussions and announcements will be featured (like this one). 

WHAT ARE THE ICONS/LABELS on profile pictures?  The star highlights our Members who have jumped in and paid the MomStrong Annual Membership.  The medal highlights our MomStrong International Leaders, and anyone with any sort of badge is someone who can help you! 

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The FAQ PAGE is full of helps and more info, so check that out as well! 


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  • Any chance you can do a free one week trial subscription or post a previous week? Thank you for your consideration.
  • Hello! Quick question, may seem silly...but can I do the MomStrong bible study before reading the book? Or do I have to do both of them at the same time?
    Thanks to the Heidi, her family and team for everything y'all are doing! Truly amazing ♥️
  • Hi,
    I have enrolled on the yearly plan. I got weeks 1-3 for the 48 week Bible Study, but cannot find the rest of them. I cannot remember what tab I clicked on last time. I have clicked on every tab with no success... please help.
    Thank you,
    • Hi Myrna, We will get the Bible studies one week at a time. Right now week 1-6 are available in the members hub. These Bible studies have been GREAT!
  • Hello. I am trying to subscribe to the bible study, but can't seem to get past the first screen. I can't click anything on the screen after clicking the orange letters for membership. Has anyone else had this problem?
    • Staff
      Hi Shawna, are you clicking on "Subscribe?"
      You can also click on "Members" and you'll be prompted to subscribe as well.
  • I’m starting today ~ praying that I can be consistent and also that my 16 year old daughter joins me ❤️
    • Staff
      Hey Tara! So glad you're joining us here. I'll be praying for your daughter as well. We are all planting seeds with our little ones....even when they are no so little anymore.
    • Me too. I have a 16 and a 13 year old.
      • Staff
        Hey Sandra! Glad you're here as well!
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