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Thank you for joining us! 

Here are a few things to know as you get started.  We really want you to help us build this community here, so please do that by interacting! 

This site is based on the GROUPS that make it up. The main groups are Scripture Writing, MSI Member Hub and Leaders.  In these groups you will find your main content AND a forum for interacting with others in those areas!  

FORUM: Everywhere you see a "forum" tab, you can start a discussion by clicking on the + sign at the top right of that area.
Please comment on others' posts, start new discussions (about anything!), and feel free to answer questions if you know the answer! 

PHOTOS: Each group has a photo area, and we'd love to build these up with some life! Look also for the + sign at the top right of the area once you've clicked on the Photos tab.  Your Scripture Writing notebook, coffee/Bible inspiration, cute kindergarten handwriting Scripture Writing, etc. Let's not fill it up with all the memes we find on Facebook, but use it to be encouraging and show some of our real life!  Some memes are okay, but let's try and keep them on topic, if that makes sense. 

WHERE IS THE BIBLE STUDY?: Click on "member hub" and you'll find the link to all member Bible Study content! It's divided by Bible Study topic. 

FEATURED DISCUSSIONS: These will be helpful for you to find what needs to be easy to locate.  In this group, staff discussions and announcements will be featured (like this one). 

WHAT ARE THE ICONS/LABELS on profile pictures?  The star highlights our Members who have jumped in and paid the MomStrong Annual Membership.  The medal highlights our MomStrong International Leaders, and anyone with any sort of badge is someone who can help you! 

CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE: Take a moment to add a profile image and cover image if you'd like to. We'd love to see your beautiful face!  Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, and then click on "options" in a gray box on the right. You can update your profile settings there. 
If you hover over "MSI Member Hub," then click on GROUPS, there are some photos there you may use for your cover image if you'd like. 

HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT NOTIFICATIONS? :) You can go in your profile and update your email settings to your liking.  You can also follow a discussion. (Just click "follow" when you're in that discussion.) And I've set it so new content rises to the top, so it won't be hard to check and see what's new! 

The FAQ PAGE is full of helps and more info, so check that out as well!