If you’re like many Christian moms today, you’ve been reading the headlines and watching the rapid-fire changes in our culture with frustration and fear.

Let’s face it: Moms today are facing questions that previous generations didn’t even see coming, and even our right to determine what is best for our own children is under fire. I believe that today’s mothers need a special kind of strength. We need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We dare not rely on human strength for the battles we’re facing right now. You are the mom in the midst of it all.

Through teaching from women who love the Word, encouragement, practical prayer points, and authentic “me-too” moments, MomStrong International is a members only network designed to equip you for a job that only you can do:
to train your children to hear God’s voice and to walk in truth no matter where our culture is heading.

God wants to use this generation of mothers to do something extraordinary:

To be strong in the Lord.
To know who you are in Christ.
To impart that strength to your kids.

 In other words, He wants you to be MomStrong! So if you’re feeling tired or inadequate today, get ready to find new strength as you join a multitude of women and myself in Becoming MomStrong in their daily lives today.


  • Scripture writing challenge, designed monthly
  • Copywork for your children
    • Cursive
    • Manuscript
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Group to interact with other members doing the Scripture Writing Challenge.


48 weeks of Bible studies taught by women who love the Word and love teaching. Bible studies include:

  • note taking pages specific for each study
  • conversation prompts for various age groups
  • Access to membership forum
  • Access to an EXCLUSIVE Bible Study Members Facebook Group!
    • Every week (typically), Lord willing, Heidi St. John will be teaching in the Members Exclusive Facebook Group.


We have two Leader Memberships:

Becoming MomStrong Bible Study Leader

  • This Leader Membership grants you access to all supporting materials for the BecomingMomStrong Bible Study.
  • Exclusive group for leaders.

MomStrong International Bible Study Leader

All above plus:

  • Suggested discussion guidelines for the monthly Bible Study.
  • Answer Key to each Bible Study to help you guide your group.
  • Scripture prompts
  • Exclusive group for leaders

Once you have joined the Bible Study Membership you can become a leader. The link to this is found under the "How To Join" section.


The purpose of meeting is to challenge each other to grow in Christ and to do that through relationships. There are groups meeting internationally, varying in frequency from once a week to once a month. (We are not coordinating or guaranteeing these, but we try to connect people to them.)


  • Create your account here
    • Once you fill out your information, you’ll see a note that says you need to verify your email. 
    • Click on the link in your email (you should have it within minutes)
    • Fill out the information on the form to create your profile.
    • Your account will be pending approval and the team will shortly approve your account.

Next, log in to your account. Then, choose which membership you would like.

You can click on the menu tabs for Scripture Writing OR MSI Member Hub (the Bible Study Membership) and you’ll be prompted to sign up for membership.

Or, you can just click the links below.

IMPORTANT: The Bible Study Membership INCLUDES the Scripture Writing Membership content—so you do not need to subscribe to the Scripture Writing if you are joining the Bible Study.

  • Scripture Writing Membership: Sign up here.
    • Cost is $2.00 a month.
  • Bible Study Membership (Monthly or Annual Fee): Sign up here.
    • Cost is $12.95 a month or 129.95.
    • You get a discount if you do an annual membership. You'll see this option once you walk through the sign up.
  • MomStrong International Leader (Bible Study Membership Required): If you are an approved leader, you will be given access to that group. If you'd like to become a leader in your community, click here.